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Arber Bio Insecticide | 16oz

  • Prevents insect and mite build up using good bacteria that’s harmless to beneficial insects and pollinators. 16 fl oz: Makes up to 16 gallons. This unique formulation uses good bacteria that’s harmless to beneficial insects and pollinators and helps your plant thrive. Grow plants, not pests with over 20 natural compounds that are effective against the smallest yet mightiest of pests.


    Can be used on: Flowers and foliage, nuts and berries, herbs, fruit and veggies, house plants, and ornamentals.


    Pests: aphids, fungus gnats, bettles, spider mites, borers, thrips, and more. 

  • Burkholderia, a naturally occurring soil bacterium, is cultured and fermented to produce certain compounds and metabolites that are beneficial for plants. Burkholderia works by promoting plant growth and inducing systemic resistance, enhancing the plant’s natural defense mechanisms without harming beneficial insects or pollinators. 


    Organic Bio Insecticide Full Active Ingredients:

    Heat-killed Burkholderia spp, strain A396 and spent fermentation media spent fermentation media 94.46%, Other Ingredients 5.54%

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