About Backyard Garden Seeds


Welcome to Backyard Garden Seeds. I'm Princess. Many of you may know that I started selling seeds on my blog in early 2020. Things went better than expected, so I thought the seeds needed it's own platform. My blog was becoming known as a seed company, and while I appreciated the recognition, the whole vibe of my blog got lost. 

I simply wanted to share the extra seeds that I had saved from my garden, and honestly had never considered how far it would go. Next thing you know, my blog was being featured all over, and seed sales seemed to increased overnight. 

I came up with the name Backyard Garden Seeds because it just made sense. After all, I garden in my backyard despite our family having 5 acres of empty land. At this time, it's just not ideal to grow on because of time, and the fact that it's not close to our home, so backyard gardening it is. Some of the seeds available come from my children's grandma. I give her seeds, she brings us some of the harvest, and keeps some for herself. This helps prevent cross pollination and allows me to offer a larger variety to choose from.

Gardening is not a hobby, it's a lifestyle, and I'm glad to be able to share it with you. I thank and appreciate all of you who have been supportive and encouraging.