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Hi, I'm Princess, owner of Backyard Garden Seeds. Some of you know that I first began selling seeds on my blog. Seed selling got more attention than I expected, and people started to categorize my blog as a seed company. Because of that, I decided to give the seeds their own platform, and that's how Backyard Garden Seeds was created. 

The majority of the seeds sold here are from crops that I grow in my very own backyard, and I also had a few variety of seeds donated by friends who practice organic growing only (their names are in the description of the varieties donated). 


Q: Do you use pesticides?

A: I do not use chemical pesticides in my garden. I use natural things like essential oils (peppermint and eucalyptus), Diatomaceous Earth, Castile Soap, and Neem Oil. However, those are usually a last resort. I protect my plants with mesh netting to avoid pests to avoid having to use anything at all.

Q: Are your seeds GMO?

A: No. Seed companies can't legally sell GMO seeds to the general public. Farmers have contracts with companies who sell GMO seeds. and they are the only ones who have access to those seeds. Any seed company who has "Non-GMO: on their website or seed packets are only using it to make you want to buy from them. Their seeds aren't and can't be GMO to begin with. It's a marketing gimmick. 

Q: How do you ensure that cross pollination doesn't happen?

A: Things that can cross pollinate are grown at different times and or grown at a distance. I also hand pollinate to prevent cross pollination, and I isolate plants that go to seed if they are too close to anything that they can cross pollinate with.

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