What To Do With Strawberry Runners

Did you know you can create new plants with strawberry runners?

What are runners?

Strawberry runners, also called stolons, are long vines that strawberry plants create when they're trying to reproduce. If you let them, they can grow a few feet long.

They grow from the base of the plant and can produce multiple nodes that create clones of the mother plant. You may hear gardeners tell you to get rid of them because they use up a lot of energy from the plant, which can cause you to have smaller fruit. While that may be true, would you rather temporarily have smaller fruit and get more plants? Or have larger fruit and have less plants?

Each node on a runner is a new plant. You can either leave it attached and stick the node in soil and allow it to produce roots before cutting the runner to detach it from the mother plant, or you can cut it first and then try planting it. However, cutting it first will likely cause it to go limp making it a little harder to root.

Often times if left alone, they will produce aerial roots without being planted first. In that case, you can remove it, stick it in water to continue growing the roots, and transplant after it has established a healthy root system.

Save your runners for more plants for a bigger harvest.

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