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Plants You Didn't Know Appreciate Shade

At the beginning of the season, you probably had an idea of where you wanted to plant all of your heat loving crops. However, you should keep in mind that even though some plants thrive in hot weather, there is a such thing as too hot. Some plants will even seize production when temps get too high. Let's look at a few plants that you may want to provide some shade for.


When temps are consistently above 90 degrees Fahrenheit during the day, tomatoes will stop producing, drop flowers and cause fruit to not develop properly. They do best at the beginning of the season and as the weather cools down as it gets closer to Autumn. During mid summer, using a shade cloth that's at least 40% UV resistant, and consistent watering will help keep your tomatoes cool.


In extreme heat, cucumbers may begin to wilt, have stunted growth. If temps in your area begin to approach 85 degrees Fahrenheit, providing partial shade will help. Some gardeners can mistake this for bacterial wilt or simply not giving them enough water. But just like tomatoes, cucumbers will slow down production or stop producing all together. It also helps to succession sow cucumber seeds every 4 to 6 weeks for a continuous harvest.


Although beans love hot weather, when temperatures reach well above 85 degrees Fahrenheit, you may experience blossom drop. Companion planting or interplanting bush beans next to tall plants will help provide them with a bit of shade. Like swiss chard, crackerjack marigolds, and kale.

Plan your garden according to what grows best and where, and you'll have a successful harvest all season long.

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