Fast Growing Veggies

Do you have a short growing season and need to grow something that will give you a quick harvest? Check these out.

Radishes - Most radish varieties mature within 25-30 days.

Lettuce - Lettuce can be harvested at any stage. By harvesting the outter leaves, you allow the plant to continue growing and you cn get multiple harvests.

Broccoli Raab - Broccoli raab may produce smaller heads, but they grow fast (45-50 days) and taste just as good as regular sized broccoli.

Cucumbers - Cucumbers, especially bush varieties, grow really fast and mature within 6-8 weeks.

Bush Beans - Bush beans mature in 50-60 days and produce multiple pods per plant. So you can plant lots of these and get a great harvest. Stay on top of harvesting and your plants will continue to produce.

Peas - Bush or snow peas are great for a quick harvest. They are best grown in cool weather, and like beans, the more you harvest, the more will grow.

Arugula - Arugula is similar to lettuce in that they grow fast and can be harvested at any stage. They taste best when harvested young.

Summer squash/zucchini - Zucchini will grow fast a large. Give it space and you'll be harvesting within 55-60 days.

Green onions - Green onions take about 60 days to grow tall enough to get a good harvest. You can cut them down low and they'll grow back for a continuous harvest.

Kale - Similar to lettuce and arugula, you can harvest kale at any stage, and harvesting the outter leaves will allow new leaves to grow.

Tomatoes - Tomatoes, specifically compact varieties like tom thumb or micro will produce cherry tomatoes within 45-55 days.

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