Benefits of Raised Bed Gardening

If you are considering starting a garden, choosing to go with raised beds has some benefits that may be better for you as opposed to growing in ground.

Soil control

Your native soil may not be suitable for growing food. Although you can amend it, that can be a lot work having to work in additives to create healthy soil. Raised beds can filled with the soil of your choice. You can add whatever nutrients your plants need.

Less weeding

There will be some weeds thanks to wind and birds, however the fight is not as difficult. They are easier to pull and control when growing in raised beds.

Early planting

Soil in raised beds warms up faster than native soil. You can direct sow or transplant sooner than later and get a head start on the growing season.

Better drainage

For people with compacted or clay soil, raised beds are better for your plants roots by providing better drainage.

It's better on your back

Since raised beds are higher off the ground, there is less bending.

No tilling

Not tilling is better for plants. Tilling soil year after year disturbs and destroys soil life, killing it and drying it out.

Helps to keep animals out

Your pets and other animals like rabbits will have a harder time getting into raised beds. Especially if you build them high enough.

They are temporary

If you're renting, you can easily take them down. Or if you're planning to sell and don't want to limit your buyers to gardeners only, you can easily remove them for aesthetics.

What are your thoughts? Do raised beds seem like the way to go?

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