3 Plants You Didn't Know Appreciate Partial Shade

Updated: Jul 31, 2021

It's summer. At the beginning of the season, you probably had an idea of where you wanted to plant all of your heat loving crops. Everything is planted and thriving. Then you notice they begin to suffer, are less productive, and you're not quite sure why. Maybe it's a pest issue, not enough water, not enough fertilizer...

Maybe it's just entirely too hot. Certain plants will seize production when temps get too high.


When temps are consistently above 90 degrees Fahrenheit, tomatoes will not only stop producing, but they may also stop fully ripening. As the weather cools down, they will begin to produce again.


You may notice cucumbers beginning to wilt dramatically. Some gardeners can mistake this for bacterial wilt or simply not giving them enough water. Just like tomatoes, cucumbers will either slow down production or stop producing all together.


Although beans love hot weather, when temperatures reach well above 85 degrees Fahrenheit, you may experience blossom drop.

If there isn't anywhere in your garden that gets a little shade, you can purchase shade cloth. Another option is to interplant by planting taller crops to provide partial shade.

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